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Top 10 Consumer Complaints

complaints The FTC just released its annual list of consumer complaints received. The top two complaint categories: debt collection and imposter scams. Here is their full report broken down by state.

How to Disable a Snooping TV

TV With the recent disclosure that investigative agencies may have developed the ability to spy on people through their television sets, some people may be freaked out. Here are instructions from Consumer Reports on how to turn off potential snooping features of your (too) smart television.


30 Novel Uses for Baby Oil

Who knew you could use baby oil for a whole host of things unrelated to babies! You can remove makeup, ear wax buildup, price stickers, and even paint. Here are a couple of dozen more novel uses.

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Mouse Print* -- Fake News Fakes Out Bing's News Search

mouse print Consumer World finds the consumer stories it features every week primary by searching through thousands of news stories each week on Google News and Bing News. Lately, however, the consumer stories found on Bing News have not all been legitimate stories. Rather, they have been fake consumer news or sites openly peddling prescription drugs and other potions. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

TurboTax Deluxe Federal & State - $33.99

Walmart has dropped the price on TurboTax Deluxe with State to $33.99 (expiration unknown). This is still $4 higher than this season's lowest price of $29.99 at Staples in January.

Whole Blaze Pizza -- $3.14

Blaze Pizza is a rapidly-expanding chain across the country. If you have one near you, on Tuesday March 14 -- Pi Day (3.14) as they call it -- you can get any whole 11" pizza for $3.14. Blaze is unique: you walk down a salad bar-type display with dozens of toppings, selecting the ones you want the pizza maker to add to your pizza. They bake the pie in four minutes. MrConsumer *loves* it because they offer a shockingly tasty nondairy/vegan "cheese" as an alternative.

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Consumer Reports

Most Fuel-Efficient 2017 Cars

Not counting electric cars, Consumer Reports just released its latest list of the 2017 cars that get the most miles per gallon.

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