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Whirlpool Puts Customer Through the Wringer

Whirlpool All this frustrated consumer wanted the company to do was replace the $200+ Whirlpool microwave that had already been repaired five times in six months. What did Whirlpool offer her? More repairs, until the NY Times got on the case. And even then, the company seemed chintzy and unapologetic. Add your comments about this story or read others'.

What Data Brokers Know About You (and What We Know About Them)

Privacy ProPublica sheds light on a business few of us know much about -- data brokers. Those are the companies that collect and sell all kinds of information about us. This story answers the basic questions of how much they know, where they get their information, who they sell it to, and whether we have a right to see it.


9 Retailers with the Worst Customer Service Ratings

complaints Every quarter, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index polls thousands of consumers to see who's been naughty and who's been nice to customers. Retailers score a dismal average of only 76 out of 100 on customer service, but these nine companies were ranked below average.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Kiss Your Free HD TV Picture Goodbye

mouse print Most people buy HDTVs so they can enjoy crystal clear high definition programs. Some cable subscribers have HDTVs but no cable box because the TVs themselves have a built-in tuner to display local and broadcast network HD programs. Under a little-known FCC rule, soon every TV served by major cable companies will require a box. And if you want to keep seeing an HD picture, it is likely going to cost you $10 a month per TV. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Apple Has an eBay Store!

    Dealnews reports that Apple has a store on eBay, and is undercutting Apple's own prices on refurbished goods, sometimes by as much as $100. Don't expect to find iPhones here, however. "Refurbished-Outlet" is located here.

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    4 Smartphones That Won't Bust Your Budget

    High-end smartphones cost an arm and a leg. That is why Consumer Reports went scouting for cheap smartphones that still deliver (somewhat) on features and performance.

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