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And the Best Cell Network is...

cellphone RootMetrics just released a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind report on the quality of cell carriers' networks. They did over 4.5 million tests nationwide... and the overall winner was... Verizon. A distant fourth was the "uncarrier," T-Mobile. Here is their press release summarizing the findings. Check individual results by state.

Get $10 from the DRAM Settlement

computer If you bought a computer, video game console, printer, or other device that contained memory chips between 1998 and 2002, you are entitled to at least $10 from a class action settlement. Make a claim here.


Top 10 Cars for 2014 Named

Consumer Reports just released its top 10 cars list, and surprise, the Tesla Model S electric car took the top spot. Bargain hunters will have to take a pass, though, because at almost $90,000 the Tesla is maybe even unreasonable for wealthy people. See the other cars that made the top 10 list. [via] Consumer Reports also released its brand report cards, and put Lexus brand cars at the top of the heap.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Sleepy’s Unbeatable, err… Unreadable Price Guarantee

mouse print We're dusting off an archive of unpublished Mouse Print* stories, and first up is a price guarantee from Sleepy's which seemed pretty good until you thought about it for a minute, if you were even able to read it. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Verizon's $60 Hidden and Secret Plans

As noted above, Verizon came in first place in RootMetric's tests. If you are an existing customer on a single line plan, you are probably paying about $90-$100 a month for a smartphone plan with unlimited calls, texts, and two (now three) gigs of data. You can cut your bill down to $60 a month by calling Verizon and asking to be put on their "loyalty plan" so you can save money. That plan is for one year, and only $60 a month for unlimited calls/texts, and two gigs of data (tethering NOT included). You might have to try multiple times if the first agent says no. For new customers with their own phone, there is a hidden $60 single line plan for unlimited calls/text plus one gig of data here.

2014 Entertainment Coupon Books - 50% off

First time this year: all Entertainment coupon books are 50% off with free shipping. Get hundreds of buy one, get one free meals, discounted hotels and rental cars, and discounts on attractions. Books are regionalized for major US cities. Use one or two coupons, and the book pays for itself. ++

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Consumer Reports

Smart Watches Put to the Test

Dick Tracy, your time has come. Smart watches are beginning to flood the market, but will consumers want them is the big question. Consumer Reports tested half a dozen of the latest smart watches and had mixed reviews.

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