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Is that Chicken Sandwich All Chicken?

chicken The Canadian Broadcasting Company's premier consumer program for over 40 years put fast food grilled chicken sandwiches to the test. A food science lab did DNA tests on the chicken to see how much real chicken was in each piece. One big chain's offering was only around 50% chicken! Here is the full program (22 minutes) and a text version of the story.

Best and Worst Airlines

airlines The Points Guy wanted to study objective data to rank the major U.S. airlines from best to worst. Is your airline really always late, or only when you happen to arrive two hours early at the airport? Are the seats measurably terrible, or do they just feel that way after six hours of fidgeting on them? And most importantly, is your airline really nickel-and-diming you to death with unnecessary fees, or are the costs offset by its competitively lower ticket prices? Here are the research results.


QUIZ: Can You Spot a Scam?

scam To celebrate National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), why not take this 10 question quiz to see whether you can spot the warning signs of an online scam.

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Mouse Print* -- Movie Candy -- More Box Than Candy

mouse print Those big boxes of candy at the movie theater that are now $4 or more each give you much less candy than the box would lead you to believe (and that can be illegal). That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Get Free Fico Score and Experian Credit Report

[NOTE: NEW URL] There are many services that provide free scores and credit reports, but now Experian is offering these directly from the source. The score is a genuine FICO brand score, but keep in mind there are many FICO scores, not just one, and this one may not be the same as a customized score that a credit grantor uses. The free service being offered will also give you a fresh copy of your Experian credit report each month free, plus credit monitoring.

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30 Best Used Cars Under $30,000

Many people like to buy cars that just come off a short term lease if they have low mileage. Here are Consumer Reports' suggestions for the best used cars.

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