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Surgery Centers Boom, While Some of Their Patients Die

doctor A major investigative report reveals that when some patients choose to have surgery at a freestanding surgery center rather than a hospital, if an unexpected emergency arises, some centers are ill-equipped to handle it and actually have to call an ambulance to take the patient to a real hospital. Here also is a CBS video story about the investigation.

How do Grocery Prices Compare at Local Supermarkets, Target, Walmart, Amazon?

cart A new app called Basket helps you find the best price on groceries. They recently compared prices in six major metropolitan areas at local supermarkets, mass merchandisers, and online sellers. This story has an interactive chart to see comparison prices for 15 individual items at locations around the country.



Top Consumer Complaints of 2017

mad consumer Just in time for National Consumer Protection Week this week, the FTC has released its annual statistics of the top consumer complaints. Use the menu on the left of this page to see the top complaints in your state, and sections of the full report.

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Mouse Print* -- A Different Kind of Downsizing

mouse print The old package and the new package of these wet wipes both have 80 wipes. The new ones are even larger in size. But the new package has been downsized about 10%! How could that be? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Box of Nice 'n Easy

If you are a member of the graying of America set, you may want a free box of Clairol Nice 'n Easy haircolor! Get your free sample here. Some colors already out of stock.

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Advertised Refrigerator Capacity Totally Misleading

You would think when you buy a new refrigerator promoted as having 25 cubic feet of capacity, that that is the space you have to store food. Wrong. And Consumer Reports explains why you can't trust manufacturers' measurements.

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