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Mouse Print* -- Tide Detergent Double Downsizes AND Raises Prices

mouse print Visit your local supermarket this week and you are likely to find almost identical bottles of Tide+ detergent, but choose amongst them carefully. Some have been downsized from the standard 100 ounces. And that's only part of the sneaky changes. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

Most/Least Expensive Cars to Insure

new car If you are in the market for a new car, you need to also take into consideration other related expenses like auto insurance. Here is a list of the most and least expensive 2014 cars to insure. Also included, the most and least expensive states for car insurance.


How to Bargain with Your Cable Co.

Many stories have suggested that you can bargain with your cable company to lower your monthly rates. This story provides some real how-to advice, including this novel suggestion: just because you won some concessions last month, doesn't mean you can't call again this month!

Frequent Fliers on Delta to Earn Miles Based on Ticket Price, Not Miles Flown

airline Delta announced that starting January 1, 2015, that they will no longer award frequent flier miles based on the distance flown. Instead, they will provide five miles for every dollar spent (higher amounts for elite customers). Here is a calculator to see how this affects trips you take.

Top Consumer Complaints for 2014

mad on phone Just in time for National Consumer Protection Week, the FTC just released its annual list of the top consumer complaints filed. Number one, again, is ID theft, followed by debt collection. Here is the full report [pdf] and data for each state.
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Bargain of the Week

4 Free Samsung Galaxy S4 Cellphones @Verizon + $200 Bill Credit

Monday 3/3 ONLY: Sign up for a Verizon family share plan, and get FOUR Samsung Galaxy S 4 android smartphones free (after rebate and bill credit) AND a $200 bill credit will remain. The S4 is Samsung's top-of-the-line smartphone (until the S 5 comes out in April). Two year contract required.

2014 Entertainment Coupon Books - 50% off

First time this year: all Entertainment coupon books are 50% off with free shipping. Get hundreds of buy one, get one free meals, discounted hotels and rental cars, and discounts on attractions. Books are regionalized for major US cities. Use one or two coupons, and the book pays for itself. ++

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Consumer Reports

Should You Put a Freeze on Your Credit File?

There are times when putting a freeze on your credit file may be helpful, such as when your identity is really stolen. However, for people affected by the Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches, Consumer Reports says that a freeze may not be such a good idea.

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