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Whole Foods Charged with Shortweighting Products

scale Last week, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs charged Whole Foods with repeated and widespread instances of overcharging customers by providing less in certain prepackaged products than the weight on the label indicated.

15 Natural Cleaning Products You Can Make at Home

If you are tired of paying high prices for commercial cleaning products, why not make them yourself. Here are recipes for glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, furniture polish, and more. Just don't expect all of them to do a superior job.


Best Free Antivirus Software

PC mag PC Magazine says you don't have to buy antivirus software because their Editor's Choice in this year's round of tests is on par with the paid programs. Topping the list is Panda Free Antivirus 2015 (download it here) and be sure to uncheck boxes making Yahoo your default.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- You May Not Own Your New Cellphone

mouse print From the don't assume department: you are the owner of that cellphone you just got from Sprint or T-Mobile, right? Not necessarily. That story is this week in Mouse Print*. NOTE: If you only see last week's story when you clickthrough, please refresh your browser (or simply click the Mouse Print* logo in the top left corner of the screen).

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Bargain of the Week

Eggs - $1.29/dz

Although MrConsumer never likes to pay more than 99 cents for a dozen eggs, egg prices have gone crazy lately. This week they are "only" $1.29 a dozen at Walgreens through Saturday. You'd pay double this at many other stores. NOTE: We have received reports that Walgreens' egg prices vary regionally, so your mileage may vary on this deal.

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Consumer Reports

Move Over Liquid Tide: A New Detergent Unseats the Champ

Stop the presses! Tide is no longer the top detergent in Consumer Reports tests. An old brand in Europe, but new to the United States, Persil (pro-clean power liquid 2 in 1), is now the best detergent on the market. It is only available at Walmart.

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