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Most/Least Expensive New Cars to Insure

new car insurance A new car doesn't necessarily have to jack up your insurance premiums. If you check these lists, you will see that some new cars cost less than one-third the amount of others to insure annually.

Got Consumer Gripes? Here are High Level Company Contacts

mad at phone Sometimes the regular customer service department of major companies won't help you with a problem despite your pleas. Here is a hand-curated list of top company executives in various industries compiled by Christopher Elliott, a leading consumer advocate/reporter best known for his travel writing.


How Clean is that Hotel?

hotel For four decades, viewers of CBC television in Canada have been treated to a national consumer program called Marketplace. They recently investigated hotels and motels for cleanliness, with swabs and hidden cameras. Here is their 22 minute video that might give you second thoughts about how well hotel rooms are cleaned.

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Mouse Print* -- The Fine Print on Vitamin Labels is Wrong!

mouse print If you can't believe the nutrition/supplement facts label on the back of products, what can you believe? ConsumerLab pointed out an industry-wide problem recently that calls into question the amount of vitamins and minerals actually contained in your daily vitamin. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Get 10% Cashback from

Here's an unusual opportunity to shop at and get a 10% cash back rebate via until June 30th. Some categories excluded like prescriptions and prepaid cards. Probably not good on third party seller purchases. If you are not an ebates member, sign up here free and get a $10 bonus with at least a $25 purchase within 90 days. Remember, you must begin shopping at and click the store link from their site in order to get credit for the purchase. ++

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Top-Rated Tire Retailers Revealed

Almost 50,000 Consumer Reports subscribers rated the retailers from whom they bought tires. Here is a list, from best to worst.

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