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Find the Best Cash Back Credit Card

credit cards If your credit card doesn't reward you with cash back for every purchase, you need to get one that does! Here is a new credit card comparison tool to help you find the most rewarding cards. (Beware, some have first year, one-time bonuses embedded in their totals, making them look better than they actually are in the long run.)

She Haggles to Save Money. You Can Too!

haggle Sometimes if you want a discount, all you have to do is ask. Other times, being equipped with competitive information will help you snare some additional savings. Here are tips from a veteran haggler on how to cut price tags on everything from your cable bill to department store purchases.


Are You Using All of AAA's Discounts?

AAA Many of us have annual memberships to AAA, the motor club. But we probably forget all the discounts that they offer, including eyeglasses, prescriptions, Amtrak, and dozens more.

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Mouse Print* -- Lord & Taylor’s Missing Fine Print

mouse print The Federal Trade Commission is beginning to crack down on native advertising -- advertising that is made to look like an article or other editorial content. And, they have honed in, unexpectedly, on Lord & Taylor. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Egg Prices are Crazy Low (Finally)

For the past year, eggs prices skyrocketed to over $2 a dozen in many cases for large size. Just in the past month or two, they have come down -- way down. Last week, MrConsumer found large eggs for 50 cents a dozen at Price Rite Supermarkets (in MA)... and it wasn't an advertised sale. You'll be hard-pressed to find them that low, but 99 cents a dozen on sale should be common now (e.g. at Walgreens this week). Another example in the Boston area: 99 cents for 18 large eggs (Market Basket).

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Tips on Getting a Rental Car Deal

Around July 4th, don't be surprised to find car rental rates skyrocket because of high demand. Here are some tips from Consumer Reports to try to tame that car rental bill.

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