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The 10 Worst Charities

money When you donate to a charity, you hope your money does good for the people and causes the charity supports. Unfortunately, some charities pay solicitors and themselves most of the money they collect, and in some cases shockingly, virtually all the money. Here are 10 charities where less than 10% of the money you donate goes to the actual cause.

Beware Real Estate Agents' Tricks

house Whether you are buying or selling a home, you probably are going to have to deal with a real estate broker. Does your broker really represent you? Maybe not! That is just one of the tricks of the trade to be careful of.


Why Major Appliances Don't Last

refrigerator Some people still have refrigerators they bought over 25 years ago. If you buy one today and expect a similar lifespan, forget it. In fact, reading reviews of new major appliances at sites like Home Depot, Sears and Lowe's, could convince you that some new (and quite expensive) major appliances won't remain problem-free for even one year. Here are some of the reasons that appliances aren't what they used to be.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Don't Get Burned by the Lowe's Price Match Policy

mouse print This is the story of how careless language on a website and corporate inertia and stonewalling can result in customers not being able to take full advantage of a retailer's price matching policy. (A price matching policy promises that a store will match or beat a competitor's price.) In this case, the only thing that got beat was the customer and MrConsumer. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Do You Need Lifelock to Protect Your Identity?

Consumer Reports says Lifelock's new commercial may give you a false sense of the security they provide. See what they really offer, and whether it is worth up to $275 a year.

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