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Hidden Tricks Advertisers Use to Sell Us Stuff

Hidden Persuasion Back in the '50s, movie theaters supposedly embedded momentary images of popcorn or candy on screen to subliminally make you want to buy a snack. Advertisers have gotten more sophisticated these days. In the new book, Hidden Persuasion, the authors reveal some of today's tricks of the advertising trade.

Highest/Lowest Rated Companies for Customer Service

mad Which are the companies we love, and the ones we love to hate when it comes to customer service? Temkin asked 10,000 consumers to rate them. No surprise, some cable companies and health insurers landed in the basement.


New Recommendation: Eat Butter!

butter One day news stories tell us "eggs are good for you" and then the next day "eggs are bad for you." Joining eggs is now butter, with the Time magazine cover story last week declaring, "Eat Butter." Here is a plain English digest of that story, and a related story about our fear of saturated fat being misplaced.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Drinkable Sunscreen?

mouse print Believe it or not, a doctor is online pitching a drinkable sunscreen! What is it? "Harmonized water"! Don't give up your Coppertone yet. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

Update on Pom Wonderful vs. Minute Maid:

As we reported in April, Pom is suing Minute Maid over its pomegranate-blueberry drink that only has a couple of eyedroppers worth of those fruit juices in it. Last week, the Supreme Court reversed some lower court rulings in favor of Pom, so the case can go on.
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Bargain of the Week

SwiftKey App for Android Goes Free

Probably the single best keyboard replacement for Android devices is from SwiftKey. It is a user-friendly keyboard that predicts what you are typing, so you can use your devices making fewer typing errors. As of last week, it is no longer a paid application, but is free in the Google Play store.

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Consumer Reports

Need a New A/C? Consumer Reports Gives Cold Shoulder to Portables

The message from Consumer Reports is simple: none of the eight portable air conditioners they tested, even the most expensive one, could cool their test room below 80 degrees.

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