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Online Retailers Not Complying with Warranty Disclosure Law

Inside the Shady World of AntiVirus Telemarketing

PC World interviewed a former employee of an antivirus marketing company that "helps" panicked computer owners spend up to $550 to fix their computers. It all starts when ads popup on the victim's computer warning of a computer infection or offering a free diagnosis.

Best/Worst Car for Each Brand

new car Within the line of cars made by any particular manufacturer, there are winners and losers. So if you like one particular car brand, you'll want to check the best and worst car made by each manufacturer.


Best/Worst Places to Retire

retirement Bankrate is out with its annual list of best and worst places to retire. They factored in cost of living, crime rate, health care, taxes, weather, and more to come up with their list (broken down by regions of the U.S.).

97% Fooled in Phishing Quiz

phishing It is getting harder and harder to distinguish real emails from fake ones. Try your hand at the quiz that most people failed to ace. (In the real world, it only takes one slipup to screw up your computer or put your data at risk.)

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- PayPal Gets Its Wrist Slapped by FCC for Violations

mouse print PayPal changed its user agreement to allow them to call or text you, even with pre-recorded messages, at any number (cell or landline) they can find for you. People hit the roof (if they took time to read the fine print). And so did the FCC. We show you the fine print and how PayPal violated the law. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Don't Overlook Free Money from Shop Your Way at Sears and Kmart

Shop Your Way is the Sears and Kmart loyalty program. They randomly offer "surprise points" for cash off certain categories of goods, often without notice... so check your account twice a week. Last week alone, MrConsumer got $25 from the outdoor department of Kmart (huge flower pot and smoker wood), a $6 shirt from Sears, and $10 off in the electronics department of Sears. Total: $41 of free merchandise in one week. For these items, no minimum purchase was necessary.

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Consumer Reports

You'll Likely Overpay if Trading in Your Old Car

Consumer Reports did the analysis, and concludes it is better to sell your old car separately from the purchase of your new one. Here's proof.

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