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26 Ways to Save on Travel

airplane As many people gear up for their summer vacations, navigating all the fares and fees and rising pricing prices can be daunting. Here are 26 "secrets" to save on travel.

Using Sunscreen Daily Reduces Wrinkles Significantly

sunscreen A new study reported last week indicates that those who use sunscreen daily had 24% less skin aging (fewer wrinkles and lines) than those people who only occasionally used the product.


Spirit's Nasty Policies Defy Marketing 101

luggage In marketing 101, you learn if you do good by customers and fulfill their needs, they will reward you by buying your products. Otherwise the company will likely fail. Spirit Airlines is an anomoly, however. It notoriously charges for carry-on bags and has close to 70 other fees that nickel and dime customers. It also has non-reclining seats with less legroom than any other carrier. Yet, it is doing great financially, better than most airlines. Why is such an anti-consumer business succeeding?

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- The Straight Poop about Miralax’s Ad

mouse print People often turn to a laxative for fast relief when they are "clogged up." Miralax makes a big deal in their ads about how taking their product will help you "feel better sooner." What they disclose in the fine print, however, is something quite different. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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New Balance Sneakers -- up to 50%+ off

If you are not lucky enough to live in Boston where New Balance has two of its own factory outlets, you can get good deals on their running shoes and sneakers at Joe's New Balance Outlet. Deals of the day can be around $40, marked down $50. Also check the final markdowns section. Shipping is only $1 through Father's Day. Since they do not offer free return shipping, try on the model you want locally, then order the right size from them online. ++

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Consumer Reports

Best Credit Cards for Travel

Consumer Reports says that some credit cards are better than others for the frequent (or even occasional) traveler. Here's their list. If going abroad, try to find a card that does not charge a foreign currency transaction fee like Capital One.

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