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What Grade is that Restaurant Steak?

steak Do you know what grade of beef your favorite steakhouse serves? Probably not because most restaurants don't fully disclose it. We show you which ones of the 17 national restaurant chains in the Boston area play it straight by disclosing what USDA grade they actually serve and which ones keep you guessing.

Beware "Evil by Design" Web Offers

evil by design This NY Times article describes exploitive techniques used by web designers to get you to opt into things you don't want, slip unwanted goods into your shopping cart, lure you into memberships without clearly disclosing the fees involved, and trick you into giving access to your personal information.


Doctors Testing Tools to Predict Odds You Get Diseases

doctor To help avoid unnecessary medical tests, some doctors are now using predictive databases to judge how likely you have a particular disease. This can help reduce the need for unnecessary medicine when symptoms are very common for several conditions.

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Mouse Print* -- Breyers’ Ad Omits a Key Ingredient

mouse print In a recent Breyer's ice cream commercial, some adorable kids tout the simplicity of the company's all natural vanilla. One of them reads the label out loud omitting and distorting some of the ingredients. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Most/Least Reliable Brands of Dishwashers

Based on a survey of over 40,000 readers, Consumer Reports says that Bosch dishwashers need the least number of repairs. See how some of the major brands rate on reliability.

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