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Half English/Half Spanish TV Commercials Go Mainstream

Target It may have been a little jarring for some who watched the Today Show last week to hear a 30-second commercial for Target almost entirely in Spanish. This week, Consumer World shows you some of the first commercials on the leading edge of this new multilingual trend from Taco Bell, Target, and P&G. We also give you an opportunity to comment on whether you think advertising in Spanish during English language programs is smart marketing or a big turnoff.

7 Foods a Nutritionist Would Never Eat

ricecake For years, dieters have turned to rice cakes as a very low calorie, crunchy, healthy snack. Now we're told that rice cakes have a very high glycemic index, frowned upon because they don't promote a fast metabolism to burn off calories quickly. Here are six other foods some nutritionists don't recommend.


Time for a Shopper's Bill of Rights

Shopping bags We're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. That is how many shoppers feel when we are bombarded with sneaky fine print, hidden charges, unfair interpretations of store policies, etc. Enough! We need a shopper's bill of rights.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Fair Trade? -- Free Box of Wheat Thins for Access to Your Twitter Account

mouse print How much of your privacy would you give up for a free box of snack crackers? That is the question that our trusty mouse is asking because Nabisco wants to know a lot about you. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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$24.99 HDMI Cable Free After Debit Card Rebate

Don't pay the crazy prices that most electronics stores charge for HDMI cables to connect your cable box to your HDTV. Here is a 15-foot one free after debit card rebate. Pay only $1.99 for shipping. Must order by June 5 for rebate to be valid. Rebate details here.

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Consumer Reports

Don't Get Taken by a Low-Cost Mover

Consumer Reports says that what appear to be low-cost moving companies can take you and your possessions for a nasty ride. Here are tips to avoid being taken by an unscrupulous mover.

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