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Best Free Antivirus Software 2017

virus PC Magazine tested 10 major free antivirus programs for effectiveness and awarded two of them "Editor's Choice." See the winners and read full reviews of each product. As a result of these tests, MrConsumer switched to AVG from Panda, but warns that its full scans take hours and hours.

Home Costs Per Square Foot: Cities from Crazy Low to Crazy High

house The NY Times pushed the numbers to see what prices homebuyers were paying per square foot across the country. See how much or how little your money buys per square foot in various cities. The range is crazy from a low of $40 a square foot to over $900!


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Robot Combs Grocery Aisles Checking Prices, Out of Stock Items

grocery robot A San Francisco company has developed a shopping robot designed to patrol supermarket aisles checking for price sign errors and doing an inventory check. Presumably if it finds an item is low or out of stock, it will order more. Here's more and a video demonstration.

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Mouse Print* -- Hotels Tighten Cancellation Policies

mouse print Many hotels have had pretty liberal cancellation policies, often allowing travelers to cancel by 6PM on the day of arrival. No more at some big hotel chains which are quietly changing the rules. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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All Entertainment Coupon Books - $5 plus Free Shipping
Hurry, sale is supposed to end on Monday July 31, but it could be extended a few days. Coupons are good until December 31.

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10 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance

Consumer Reports offers these ten tips to reduce the premiums you pay for car insurance. And here are additional savings tips from Jean Chatzky of the Today Show.

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