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10 Things Retirement Communities Won't Tell You

hammock Continuing its series of dirty little secrets about various industries, MarketWatch turns its attention to retirement communities. Here is advice about the tricks and traps you might encounter if you are considering moving someone you love into one of these places.

Most Appealing 2014 Cars Named

car JD Power surveyed over 86,000 new car buyers, in essence asking how happy they were with their purchase based on 77 attributes. See the top scoring cars in various size and class categories.


How to Beat (or at Least Put a Dent in) the High Cost of Movies

movies In some metropolitan areas, movies can be in the $11-$12 price range. Yikes! (And a small popcorn is $6 and a small soda is $5. Shoot me now!) Here are ways you can get discounts on movie tickets. And if those are still too pricey, here are some ways to score some free movie tickets.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- New Program Trades Your Privacy for Rewards

mouse print If you are excited that Verizon Wireless has begun offering a rewards program to earn points based on your spending, etc., you didn't read the fine print. Our trusty mouse shows you what you may have missed. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Large Eggs -- 99 Cents a Dozen

Through Saturday, August 2, eggs are only 99 cents a dozen at Walgreens.

70 Sheet Spiral Notebooks -- 17 cents

At Staples, through Saturday, August 2, wide-ruled spiral notebooks are only 17 cents each. No minimum $$$ purchase requirement. Limit 30.

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Consumer Reports

Whole Foods Yogurt Found to Have 5 Times the Stated Sugar

In the process of testing various Greek yogurt brands, Consumer Reports discovered that the Whole Foods brand actually contained 11 grams of sugar, while the label said it only had two grams. Whole Foods disputes the findings.

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