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Free Windows 10 Arrives July 29

Windows 10 On Wednesday, free upgrades to Windows 10 will become available to Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users on a rolling basis. Here is a comprehensive review of Windows 10 from PC World. Before you upgrade, however, here are tips on how to prepare your computer for Windows 10.

10 Cars with Luxury Feel, Without the Luxury Price

new car Kelley Blue Book has compiled a list of the 10 most comfortable cars. Their choices include vehicles that offer a comfortable driving experience, a roomy interior and the modern technological conveniences of luxury cars, yet are under $30,000.

ADV Takes on Amazon, But Lucy and Ethel Seem to be in Charge

In a famous I Love Lucy episode, Lucy and Ethel go into the salad dressing business, but they lose 10 cents on every jar. Lucy's justification: "We make it up in volume." This also seems to be the philosphy of, a new online store gunning for Amazon. But, the WSJ demonstrated that it cost the company twice what it actually charged customers. [Video version of report.] NOTE: This WSJ story is only readable ONCE for free.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- T.J. Maxx Sued for Phony "Compare at" Prices

mouse print If you shop at T.J. Maxx, you're familiar with their price tags that contain a higher "compare at" price and the store's lower actual selling price. Two California consumers are suing the retailer saying that fine print on the company's website makes that "compare at" price misleading. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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All Entertainment Coupon Books - $5

Lowest price of the year on coupon books for cities all around the country -- just $5 including free shipping. Coupons good through December 31. Sale ends August 3. ++

Dannon Oikos Yogurt Money Back Offer

If you don't love Dannon Oikos yogurt, Dannon will give you back your money, up to $13.99 for one package. (Presumably, the warehouse clubs must have larger sizes closer to the maximum value.) Here is the required refund form.

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Consumer Reports

Stay Away from Portable ACs

Consumer Reports says you probably will be disappointed with a portable air conditioner because they cool poorly, take up a lot of room, and seem to take forever to reach the set temperature (if at all).

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