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Which Cars Cost Most/Least to Maintain?

car wreck Based on actual repair records, YourMechanic has compiled a list of car brands and specific models that will cost you an arm and a leg to maintain over time (along with those with the lowest maintenance costs). It also has a list of specific repairs that seem to plague certain car brands.

The Frightening Truth about Canadian Pharmacies

pill bottle It may seem harmless, smart even: order prescription medications through an online pharmacy based in Canada. Get the same drug you would get down the street at Walgreens — for a lot less money. But doing so could kill you. Here's why.


Compare 25 Airlines' Charges for Baggage

luggage You might be lured by a low airfare, but when you add on baggage fees, depending on the airline, that bargain may evaporate. Here is a list of 25 major airlines and what they charge for carry-on and checked luggage.

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Mouse Print* -- As Seen on TV: Philips Airfryer -- Only $49.95?

mouse print Who wouldn't want to be able to make french fries with fewer calories using an "air fryer?" Philips thinks you'll bite, particularly since they're offering it for only $49.95 on a 30-day no risk trial. But is that the real price? That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free Software Giveaway

Until August 1, you can download seven software titles free (mostly PC utlities) that normally are sold rather than given away. You will get a free license for each if you follow the instructions.

4 Uni-ball Gel Pens - $1

MrConsumer *loves* Uni-ball 207 gel pens. They are at a crazy price this week through Saturday at Office Max/Office Depot: $1 for a four-pack. See front page ad in this week's OM/OD circular.

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Should You Buy an HDR TV?

HDR TV...What's that? We just are just getting know UHD TVs -- ultra high definition -- and now there's another alphabet soup technology? Consumer Reports explains.

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