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Will Your Hotel Hit You with a Surprise Resort Fee?

hotel Imagine reserving a hotel stay for $415, but getting hit with an additional mandatory daily "resort fee" that totaled $306 when you check out. Yikes. Now you can find out in advance which hotels charge resort fees at Over 1,000 U.S. hotel locations now charges these devilish fees.

Should Colgate Total be Banned?

Colgate Total The FDA banned the antibacterial chemical triclosan from soap last year, but still allowed it in toothpaste after Colgate demonstrated that the benefits outweighed the risks in its line of Colgate Total products. Scientists in New Zealand, however, last week urged consumers to stop using Colgate Total or to at least limit its use.


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Quiz: Can You Spot the Real Fake News?

fake news So you think you're a savvy consumer of news, do you? Take this little quiz to see if you can separate the genuine news stories from the fake ones. [Select "quick start" to avoid registration.]

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Mouse Print* -- Free Wi-Fi Users Ignore Terms and Conditions and Get Pranked

mouse print An Internet company in the UK decided to see how many people actually read the terms and conditions of the free wi-fi service they offer. They buried a few nasty clauses in the fine print along with a reward for anyone who spotted them. The results: tens of thousands of customers got punked. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Earn 1.25% on Savings - Not a CD! (the online only offshoot of Salem Five Cents Savings Bank) is offering an eOne savings account that pays 1.25% interest and the rate is guaranteed until next July. You only need $100 to open an account and the insured maximum is $500,000. You can make six withdrawals (via ATM card or online banking e-transfer) per month. You CANNOT bank in person at one of their Massachusetts banks without a hefty fee. To avoid ATM fees, get a companion eOne checking account paying 0.25% which reimburses all ATM fees up to $15 a month. It has free bill pay as well. Salem Five is where MrConsumer has banked for 20+ years.

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7 Top-Rated Dishwashers for Cleaning and Noise

Consumer Reports tested 200 dishwashers and came up with a list of seven with both excellent cleaning ability and quiet operation. Don't expect many bargains in the group.

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