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Who Can You Trust (and Not Trust) With Your Data?

privacy The Electronic Frontier Foundation just issued its annual report (full report pdf) about which companies will not give up your personal data without a fight when a government entity asks for it. How and when companies reveal data to the U.S. government is transparent at some companies, but not at others. Here is a summary of company ratings, along with a list of the most/least trusted ones.

United Airlines May Pay You In Advance to Give Up Your Seat So They Can Resell it for More Money

United Airlines United has figured out a way to make more money. If you bought a reserved seat at a deeply discounted price on a popular flight, five days ahead of your flight they may offer you up to $250 via voucher to switch to a different flight the same day. That will allow United to resell your cheap seat for more money.


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Drink Coffee and Live Longer?!

coffee Two new studies were released last week that suggest that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of dying from circulatory and liver diseases. Men benefited more than women, but women also showed improvement in longevity.

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Mouse Print* -- Now Here’s a Juicy Story…

mouse print A Mouse Print* reader was eager to buy tangerine juice, but was having a hard time finding it, until he came upon Juicy Juice "Orange Tangerine." We all know that Juicy Juice products are 100% juice, so it seemed like a smart choice until he read the ingredients statement. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Send Someone a Free Kind Snack Bar

It is a bit convoluted, but if you visit this site, you can send someone else a free Kind brand snack bar.

$25 Off $100 Purchase with Visa Checkout; Additional $15 Back Possible!

Select Visa Checkout when you buy at least $100 worth of merchandise at until July 22, and get $25 off your bill. Certain items are excluded and Staples may pull the offer if the maximum number of redemptions has been exceeded. Start your visit to at and get an additional $15 back via PayPal when purchasing at least $75 (before tax, and after other discounts).

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Best Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers

Consumer Reports singled out these six vacuum cleaners as having particularly good filtration systems to help allegy sufferers. Most of these are good at picking up pet hair as well.

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