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How Accurate are Online Symptom Checkers?

doctor Many people use the Internet to try diagnose what's ailing them. To that end, there are dozens of symptoms checkers where you list your symptoms, and the software offers suggested diagnoses. The question is, how accurate are these things? Here's how 23 of them ranked.

Home Buyer's Guide to a Seller's Market

house for sale For the last few months, bidding wars have broken out in many parts of the country when a home goes on the market. That's good for sellers, bad for buyers. Here are tips on how to get the house you want [click top link on redirect page] and hopefully not overpay.


10 Reasons You're Not Rich Yet

empty pockets It is never too late to become rich if you are ready to own up to the reasons you’re not and do something about it. The first tip from this financial advisor, in different words is "live below your means." Here are more tips.

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Mouse Print* -- With New LED Light Bulbs, Be Careful Watt You Buy

mouse print Before you run out to buy a new LED light bulb because they are on sale for $2.97, better check the specs which vary widely among brands. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

School Supplies - 25 cents

The back-to-school sales have begun, signaling the time to stock-up on office supplies. Staples has 70-sheet spiral notebooks and a four-pack of glue sticks for a quarter. Office Depot/Max has various markers for 25 cents, and a great price on a Lexar 16-gig thumbdrive -- $5.99.

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Consumer Reports

Streaming Video Devices Compared

Everyone keeps telling you to cut the cable cord to save money, and get one of those streaming media devices instead. Consumer Reports tested and compared Apple TV, Roku 3, and Amazon Fire TV. And the winner is...

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