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Haggle Your Way to a Better Deal

money Consumer Reports says that most people don't haggle when they shop, but they may be missing out on big savings. However, 89% of people who tried to bargain with a seller succeeded at least once in the past three years. Learn how to haggle and which categories of items are most likely negotiable.

Which Airlines Charge Which Fees?

airlines These days if an airline advertises a particularly low price, it could be because they make up the difference by charging a variety of other fees. Here are three charts so you can see which airlines charge which fees (and how much) for baggage (including carry-on), changes and cancellations, and other miscellaneous fees including seat selection and ticketing fees.


How Telemarketers Get Your Cell Phone Number

cellphone It is bad enough when your dinner is interrupted by a telemarketer. It is even worse when they call you on your cellphone because it uses up your minutes. Despite the do not call list, they still get your number and call you. Here are seven ways telemarketers learn your cell number.

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Mouse Print* -- Choosy Mothers May Stop Choosing Jif

mouse print You have to give Jif peanut butter some credit. They resisted downsizing their jars for five years after Skippy and Peter Pan did, and even touted that fact. Finally, they just shrunk their product even more than Skippy, and in a sneaky way. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

3 Free e-Magazines for a Year

Get a free one year subscription to three magazines: Shape, Muscle and Fitness, or Men's Fitness through Zinio. Zinio is a great online site (and tablet and smartphone app) that allows you to read magazines in their original print format, but on an e-device.

Target's Black Friday Sale

Target is running a Black Friday sale on July 12 and 13. We have no advance knowledge of the specific deals, so we don't know if they are great or not so hot. Take a look and see.

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Don't Believe the MPG Rating on New Car Window Stickers

That's the unfortunate fact of life for new car buyers, according to Consumer Reports. They say because of outdated testing methods, you could get up to 25% fewer miles per gallon than claimed.

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