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10 Things Advertisers Won't Tell You

advertising Continuing its series of dirty little secrets about various industries, MarketWatch now looks at advertising. Some tactics discussed including sneaky ways to pitch products to kids, and the use of subliminal advertising.

Casual and Fast Food Restaurants Ranked

burger The latest restaurant rankings in the American Customer Satisfaction Index were released last week. Here is the casual restaurant list and the fast food list.


How Prices Vary Day to Day at Online Stores

price check Last fall, the Wall Street Journal tracked the prices of 10 items like small appliances and electronics every day for two months. Use their interactive chart to see how prices for the same item varied daily at a dozen different eTailers. With Christmas in July ads about to pop up, it is not too early to see how pricing games work.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Sprint’s New Pitch: (Not Quite) All-In Pricing Plan

mouse print When Sprint unveiled its new "all-in" pricing plan last week, MrConsumer was excited that finally one cell company was going to advertise a complete price and not nickel and dime its customers with a host of extra junk fees, taxes, etc. The excitement faded fast. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Behr Paint - $10 Rebate per Gallon

Monday, July 6 ONLY: Get a $10 rebate (via card) for every gallon of Behr interior or exterior paint you buy at Home Depot. [Form] Five-gallon drums have a $40 rebate. This is as generous a discount as you can find on Behr paint.

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Consumer Reports

Save a Bundle on Car Rentals

Consumer Reports says there are a variety of strategies to cut your car rental expenses. Not explicitly stated are the coupon codes you can find in flyers or online at Costco, BJs and (membership required for the latter).

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