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Amazon vs. Walmart vs. Jet Prices Compared

Amazon Competition for your dollar is fierce online as Amazon and Walmart battle for your business. And with Walmart's recent acquisition of (which wanted to be the next Amazon), aggressive pricing is commonplace. Cheapism decided to compare 100 items at all three sellers to see which one had the lowest prices. No store was lowest on every item, but there was one overall winner. See the comparison.

Get the 2017 Consumer Action Handbook

The 2017 edition of the Consumer Action Handbook is finally available. This is the bible of every consumer agency office because it lists most major consumer help agencies and resources, corporate consumer affairs departments, and offers tips on solving your own consumer complaints. Get your free copy today. (You can download a copy or get a hard copy in the mail.)


14 Amazon Saving Tricks

Amazon Real Simple says there are some lesser known techniques and services at Amazon that can help save you some money. Did you know you can trade in unwanted electronics and books and get an Amazon gift card in exchange? How about saving more by shopping at the Amazon Outlet?

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Mouse Print* -- Toilet Paper Roll Claims Roil

mouse print If you haven't strolled down the toilet paper aisle lately at your favorite store, you are in for a confusing experience, led by P&G's Charmin. Some packages boldly claim "16 = 36" but they are right next to ones that say "18 = 82" and "18 = 72." We try to unravel the claims and give you the straight poop. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Corn - 10 for $1

They've turned back the clock on sweet corn prices to only 10 cents each. And it is happening at the least likely of places -- Whole Foods! Sale price good through July 4th. Price may vary by region.

$25 Applebee's Gift Card - $18.99

BJ's Wholesale Club (no membership needed for this item) is offering this via mail order only: $25 Applebee's gift cards for only $18.99. Shipping is free. No surcharge for nonmembers. Expiration of sale unknown.

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Consumer Reports

Best Insect Repellents

Out of 25 anti-bug products tested, Consumer Reports says the best ones contained one of three ingredients: 20 percent picaridin, between 15 and 30 percent DEET or 30 percent oil of lemon eucalyptus. See which two products got top scores.

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