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Eating Eggs: Are They Healthy, Real?

eggs Two egg stories in the news this week: (1) In the never-ending saga of whether eggs are good for you or bad for you, Consumer Reports has come out on the positive side. (2) In a surprising revelation, Panera says that many fast food egg breakfast meals are not what they seem. The egg hockey pucks served are often watered down, made with preservatives, and not always made from fresh eggs. They want the FDA to crack down.

10 Customer Service Secrets Every Consumer Should Know

Here are some tips to help get to "yes" when dealing with a customer service representative of a company. For example, do you know what the "magic question" is to ask to get the representative to see your side of the issue?


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Burger King Defends Net Neutrality

In an unusual move, Burger King released a humorous (but serious) video demonstrating how the FCC's repeal of net neutrality could lead to online slow lanes with lower prices and fast lanes with ripoff prices.

Are You Too Smart to be Scammed?

stop scams Last week, the UK government encouraged citizens to "take five to stop fraud." Part of this anti-fraud education campaign was a quiz to see whether people could spot scam emails and texts. Take this eight question quiz to test your consumer smarts.

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Mouse Print* -- Starbucks Wins Underfilled Latte Cup Case

mouse print A couple of years ago, we told you about a case where Starbucks was supposedly underfilling its cups of latte. Here's the surprising decision. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

3 Free Bagels at Bruegger's

On February 1st only until 11 am, Bruegger's bagel bakery is celebrating its 35th birthday, offering three free bagels to everyone who fills out this form. There are about 200 Bruegger's across the country, but in limited areas.

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How to Stop Videos from Autoplaying

Most people hate autoplay videos on websites, as our survey demonstrated a couple of years ago. Consumer Reports says that the Google Chrome browser will soon block them automatically. In the meantime, here are other ways to stop autoplay in various browsers.

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