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Are You One of Millions Who Misplaced $58 Billion?

Missing Money It's one thing if you forget to turn the light out in the bathroom. It is quite another if you forget where you put $58 billion. That is the amount of "unclaimed" money there is in the US that consumers have somehow lost track of. Here are places to check to see how much of the bounty might be yours.

10 Things Cable Companies Won't Tell You

cable If you think of companies that we love to hate, cable companies must rank near the top. This story details some of their nasty practices like not allowing a la carte programming choices, plans to cap "unlimited" Internet service, and more.


Beware New Credit Card Surcharges

The Supermarket of the Future?

cart Could the shopping cart go the way of VHS tape? Some forward-thinking companies are testing the concept of a virtual supermarket. Picture an eye-level full-color billboard that looks like the shelves of a supermarket stocked with staples. You use your smartphone to scan the item you want, and it gets delivered to your door. Peapod is testing this system in various cities at train stations, and in South Korea consumers there have been shopping this way since 2011.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- More Groceries Downsize - Part 1 (2013)

mouse print Time to clean out the Mouse Print* pantry of more downsized items that we didn't have time to tell you about last year. Keep your eyes out for new examples and submit your pictures! That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Bargain of the Week

    Free Windows 8 for Dummies

    If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have Windows 8 as your computer's operating system, you might want to get a little help with the new interface. Dell is giving away PDF versions of Windows 8 for Dummies.

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    Consumer Reports

    Top Interior Paint -- Surprise, It's from Ace Hardware!

    Consumer Reports rocked the paint industry last week (alright, maybe not "rocked") when it named Clark + Kensington as the top satin-finish interior paint. The paint is made for Ace Hardware by ... Valspar!

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