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Inside Consumer Reports' Testing Labs

Consumer Reports If you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at Consumer Reports, this story will take you on a tour. It demonstrates the almost obsessive methods the magazine goes through to thoroughly check out the products it tests.

New Apps Up Your Shopping Savvy

cellphone Some new tools are now available to make you an even better shopper. One will predict if prices are likely to get lower for the items you are shopping for. Others help you find coupons for the things you want to buy. Also in the story are tips on haggling and other ways to cut your grocery bill.


Free FICO Credit Scores Becoming More Widely Available

credit score It is going to get easier to get your credit score for free as more banks and credit card issuers jump on the bandwagon to provide them. See which providers are going to offer them and from which source.

Watch the 10 Commercials Vying to Appear in the Super Bowl

Every year, Doritos runs a contest for the best homemade commercial. Here are the 10 finalists.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Intuit Offering Partial TurboTax Upgrade Rebates

mouse print Late last week, the makers of TurboTax Deluxe apologized for crippling the product this year, and offered a $25 refund to make good. We examine the offer and see how they cleverly chose an unpopular refund method and limited who can take advantage of it. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

"The Interview" on Netflix

The controversial Sony movie, "The Interview," which caused an international incident with North Korea, is now streaming on Netflix (free for members). The DVD won't be available until February 18.

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Consumer Reports

How Healthy are Energy Bars?

Consumer Reports and Shop Smart reviewed dozens of energy bars to find out which were the best and healthiest. See a couple of their top picks.

Kiplinger Personal Finance

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