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Best/Worst Frequent Flier Programs

airplane WalletHub evaluated 10 major airlines' frequent flier programs across 23 metrics to rate each plan. On top for the third year in a row is Delta. See how your favorite airline ranked. Note: Ratings chart has a slider at the bottom to reveal the airlines that seem to be missing from it.

Amazon Launches $10 and Under Section with Free Shipping

To better compete with deal sites, Amazon has just launched a $10 and under store and shipping is free. You will see separate tabs for sections on clothing, electronics, household goods, home decor, gifts, and more. ++


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Get Money Back from Roundup Weed Killer Class Action

Roundup If you bought Roundup concentrate since around 2012, you may be entitled to an up to 50% refund for up to 20 bottles from the manufacturer as a result of a class action settlement. Apparently the company had misrepresented the amount of finished spray you could get from each bottle after diluting with water. Here are details including which products are covered by the settlement and a claim form. Keep in mind the payout amount per bottle will be reduced if a lot of people put in claims.

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Mouse Print* -- Best Buy’s (Not So) Generous Birthday Offer

mouse print MrConsumer celebrates his birthday in January, and has been deluged with offers of free food and other types of discounts. One such offer came from Best Buy, but high hopes for a great deal were soon dashed because of the fine print. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

1 Year of Sprint Unlimited Cell Service Free for Verizon Customers

Sprint wants you to switch away from Verizon Wireless and is offering a free year of unlimited cell service (data, minutes, and texts) to do so. You only pay taxes monthly, and need to order a sim card for $12.99. Your current Verizon phone must work on the Sprint network. Offer ends on January 31.

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How Long Should Your Dishwasher Last?

Consumer Reports asked the manufacturers of 13 major dishwasher brands how long their machines should last under normal use. It turns out that some brands are built to last twice as long as others!

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