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Paying with a Credit Card? Get Ready to Pay up to a 4% Surcharge

credit cards Paying with a credit card could get much more expensive when new rules go into effect this coming Sunday (1/27). At that time sellers will be able to charge you extra if you pay with a credit card -- up to 4% extra. Consumer World explains how it will work, lists which states are exempt, and peeks into the future of how widespread surcharges will become (and the dirty tricks you can expect down the road). Add your comments or read others'.

10 Things Walk-in Clinics Won't Tell You

pills Marketwatch exposes some of the dirty little secrets of doctor-in-the-box clinics -- those walk-in offices that are springing up everywhere. Surprise, there may not be any doctor actually there. That's just one of the secrets.


Decoding Costco's Secret Codes

If you are a Costco member, saving money is important to you. Here are some little known tricks that Costco uses and learning about them could help you save even more money. For example, look for prices that end in .97 -- that means the item has been reduced in price from Costco's regular price.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Breyers Converts Ice Creams to “Frozen Dairy Desserts”

mouse print It is right in front of your eyes, and most people didn't notice. Some of your favorite flavors of Breyers ice cream are no longer called "ice cream." We check the fine print to see what really changed besides the name. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Save a Penny on Postage

Postage is going up on Sunday, January 27 (the same day credit card surcharges kick in). The first class rate will go from 45 to 46 cents. So, buy your forever stamps this week to save a penny (as well as to guard against future price increases).

$10 Off Tamiflu

If you get the flu, and your doctor prescribes Tamiflu, here is a $10 off coupon (which in most states should even help defray your co-pay).

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Consumer Reports

Protecting Mom and Dad from Elder Financial Abuse

Seniors have been a target of scams for decades. But, they are also susceptible to financial abuse by caregivers and other family members. Here is a discussion of the problem and warning signs to look for.

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