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5 Things Not to Buy at Drugstores

Pills Most thrifty shoppers avoid 24-hour convenience stores because they know the prices can be outrageous. But, many people buy similar products at drugstores and don't give it a second thought. MarketWatch says you could do better price-wise elsewhere on five categories of products, including... DRUGS!

How the Crooks Infiltrated Target

Target A security company released a 17-page report last week explaining how it believes crooks stole credit card numbers and personal information from over 70 million shoppers. They say a Russian virus called Kaptoxa was able to steal credit information the moment a card is swiped at a payment terminal but before it reaches the cash register. Watch this video report.


What's in that Fast Food?

burger Do you know what a Chicken McNugget looks like before it is cooked? You don't want to know, but the Huffington Post shows you anyway in this revealing (but needlessly alarming) picture story about the ingredients in fast food.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Tropicana Farmstand Fruit/Veggie Juice Surprises

mouse print Tropicana has some delicious-sounding new 100% fruit and vegetable juice combos on the market like Peach-Mango, Strawberry-Banana, etc. You might say "yum" until you learn what the primary juice really is in these beverages. Hint: it is not apple. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Target Offers 1-Year Free Credit Monitoring

In the wake of the data breach at Target, the company is offering credit monitoring free for a year from Experian. Apply here to get your validation code, and sign up for the service by April 30th.

Buy Forever Stamps This Week Before the Price Jumps

First class postage jumps up in price by three cents to 49-cents on Sunday, January 26... so buy "forever" stamps now and save. Here are the new postal rates.

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Consumer Reports

Pricey British Paint Falls Flat

Consumer Reports recently tested Farrow & Ball paint, a British import that costs $105 a gallon and is known for their great colors. Guess what? Home Depot's Behr paint covered better and came very close to match the fancy colors... for one-third the price.

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