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50 Secrets Hospitals Don't Want You to Know

doctor Readers Digest has compiled a list of "secrets" your hospital may be keeping from you. Examples: Eighty percent of hospital bills contain errors. Your surgeon may be operating on you and someone else at the same time. Monday is the best day to have an operation. Here is the full list of 50.

1 in 3 Multivitamins Flunks Test

pills [NOTE: You must sign up for a 24-hour free pass to to read this story. You are limited to three free stories only.] New tests to determine whether the labeled content on vitamins and minerals match the actual amount in each pill reveals that 32 percent of the tested products flunked. Some had less, some had more, and some had ingredients not on the label.


8 Novel Ways to Save on Travel

luggage Who should know better ways to save money on travel than the New York Times' own "Frugal Traveler?" No one, probably. He offers some novel ways to cut your travel costs by finding the optimal date for low-cost travel, visiting places that are cheaper to start with, getting hooked up with a cell plan that offers free overseas service, etc.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Diamonds in Mattresses! Cool?

mouse print If you lie on a slab of marble, it feels cool, right? The same theory seems to be at play according to the marketing whizzes at Beautyrest who are now claiming that diamond dust added to mattresses can keep you cool. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Fannie May Chocolate Holiday Clearance - 75% Off

Fannie May has about 15 Christmas chocolate items that are mostly 75% off. Best deals 1.5 pound assorted for $5 (only 50% off). Other even better deals already sold out. Most items are $6.25 a pound, reg. $24.99. Free shipping if you have American Express Shoprunner.

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Why We Can't Sleep

Consumer Reports offers a special series of stories about sleep, and why so many of us can't get a good night's rest.

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