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Survey: Readers Blast Websites for Loud Autoplay Ads

frustrated man In a recent survey, Consumer World readers spoke loud and clear calling autoplay video ads "annoying" and "intrusive" when they blare with full sound unexpectedly on websites. And our readers don't just sit there and subject themselves to unwanted and unexpected commercials. See all the survey results and how to fight back against autoplay videos. What do you think about autoplay ads? Add your opinion or read others'.

Security Flaw in Google Chrome Could Expose Your Credit Card, More

Chrome In a stunning revelation, a 23-year-old tech guy says that the Google Chrome browser has a security flaw that can transmit your personal information, sometimes including your credit card number, if you use the auto-fill feature on a rogue website. Within the story is a test you can do to see what info is transmitted from your own browser.


Bought Milk since 2003? You're Owed Moolah!

milk There is a class action settlement in 15 states and DC about dairy products producers who manipulated the price of milk and other dairy products. If you're in one of the affected states, you're entitled to compensation.

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Mouse Print* -- How Much Milk Can You Squeeze from an Almond? (or How to Squeeze $9-million Out of Almond Breeze)

mouse print They all sound like healthy drinks -- almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, etc. The ingredients statements might suggest otherwise, however. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Norton AntiVirus Basic - 1 cent a/r

It has been YEARS since Norton gave away its antivirus software. But now they have a $40 basic version that is free after easy rebate through Saturday in-store and online at Staples. Do not expect this product to be as robust as more expensive versions. It appears the online version is a download or "product key card" version with no disk. The same goes for the in-store version -- no disk -- download only.

$25 off a $100 at Best Buy with Visa Checkout

Sign up for Visa Checkout (a speedy checkout process) and get $25 off a $100 or more purchase (including sale items) at Best through 1/21, while supplies last.

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7 Ways to Buy a Better Mattress

Buying a mattress is a blind item -- you don't know exactly what's inside and you can't compare model names from store to store. So... Consumer Reports offers these tips to help you shop for your next mattress.

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