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Don't be Fooled by "Sales" and Other Ways We Misthink Money

sale Everyone loves a bargain, and no one knows that better than retailers that tempt us with what purport to be ways to save big money. It is not what you're saving, however, it is what you're spending says financial columnist Michelle Singletary. Her comments are based on the new book by Dan Ariely, a noted professor and expert in consumer behavior, called Dollars and Sense. Here is a radio interview with Dan Ariely, talking about the psychology of spending money. And here is an excerpt from his book which tries to explain how we misthink money.

Sears/Kmart Closing 103 More Stores

Sears Sears Holdings just announced that it is closing 103 more stores -- 64 Kmarts and 39 Sears locations. Some of these are in major cities, and are significant locations to be closing. Here is the list of stores. Liquidation sales will begin by the end of the week in some locations.


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9 Things You'll Pay More for in 2018

money In a couple of weeks, the price of postage stamps is going up. See what other price hikes you can expert in 2018.

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Mouse Print* -- Did Toys"R"Us Really Make a Mistake in its Posted Return Policy?

mouse print After Consumer World published its annual return policy survey last month, Toys"R"Us said the change we reported was not true. Did we goof or did they? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Get TSA Pre-Check Free or for Points

If you hate those long lines at airport security, you can get to use the express lane (TSA Pre-Check) for a discounted price or even free. How is that possible? Some credit cards allow you to apply your points or miles to a Pre-Check membership, or offer it as a cardholder benefit! Here's a list.

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Don't Eat Romaine Lettuce for Now!

After several reports of E.coli food poisoning across 13 states and one death in Canada, Consumer Reports is suggesting that consumers not eat romaine lettuce for a while.

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