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Druggists Fail to Catch Deadly Drug Interactions

pills This is scary. Undercover reporters for the Chicago Tribune visited over 250 pharmacies in the Chicago area. They presented prescriptions for two common drugs, which taken separately are fine, but taken together, they can be deadly. Just over half the pharmacies failed to warn the purchaser of the potential interaction.

Don't Overpay on Eyeglasses

eyeglasses I bet you know people who have paid hundreds of dollars for a single pair of eyeglasses. Consumer Reports suggests some eyeglass buying options that won't gouge you. And here are some additional tips to save money on eyeglasses.


6 Resolutions for Bargain Hunters

fingers crossed Bargain hunters, who you would think are knowledgeable consumers, can sometimes get a little carried away. Here are some tips to curb your enthusiasm for deals to start the new year. MrConsumer, however, hereby confesses that he probably won't be able to comply with resolution #4!

Don't Store Your Credit Card Online

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that while a mother was sleeping, her crafty six-year-old took her thumb and swiped it on her cellphone to unlock it, and then proceeded to buy $250 worth of stuff on Amazon! The moral: don't store your credit card number in etailers' apps or websites. [There is no link to this story.]

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Mouse Print* -- Can You Drench Your iPhone in Water?

mouse print We all know that water and cellphones don't generally mix. So it is particularly puzzling to see a new Apple commercial where a man's cellphone is sitting in puddle of water and still working. Puzzling, that is, until you read the fine print. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Top-Rated Fitness Apps Free

Instead of paying big bucks for a gym membership to get off those holiday pounds, why not try these top-rated, free fitness apps first?

Target Christmas Clearance

Target stores should have upped their discount to 70% - 90% off on Christmas stuff (food items: 70% off maximum). Some stores are several days ahead of schedule compared to prior years... so hurry.

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Consumer Reports

Are You Over-Popping Sleeping Pills

Consumer Reports says that despite the claim on over-the-counter sleeping pills that they are not habit-forming, they can be psychologically addictive. And they have side effects too.

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