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Hidden Cameras Catch Plumbers Gouging Customers

plumbers NBC's investigative reporter, Jeff Rossen, set up hidden cameras in a house and had the homeowner call in plumbers to fix a leaky hot water heater. All that was needed was to tighten one screw. With some plumbers, however, the only thing that got screwed was the homeowner. Watch the video.

10 Things Credit Bureaus Won't Tell You

credit Continuing the series of dirty little secrets about various industries, the WSJ's MarketWatch investigates credit bureaus. They find those companies are tracking much more than credit information about you, they boil down your complaints to a three-digit code, and more.


Tips for Lowering Medical Bills

Pills Even when you have health insurance, you can face staggering medical bills. And you are uninsured, doctors and hospitals can you many times the rate that insured patients pay. Here are tips on cutting your medical bills. And for an in-depth look at the bitter pill of high medical costs, here is Time's 24,000-word cover story.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Best Buy's New Price Match Policy Has a Secret

mouse print Last fall, Best Buy tested a price matching policy that extended to 20 online sellers. Now, they are making the policy permanent, but making it tougher to get a price match, and throwing in a big (and nasty) surprise. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Ever try to edit a PDF document? You can't in Adobe Reader. On rare occasion you can get a full price rebate on a PDF editing program, but the two MrConsumer has tried stink. Now Avanquest is offering a copy of their Windows program free. Download the program, and once you open it, click "help" and enter this generic registration code: 8122-0411-DT2T-A1F4-38B1-324G . In limited testing, this program lets you edit some PDF documents to a degree! Offer may be withdrawn at any time. If link shows an error message, the company may have already pulled the offer.

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    As Seen on TV Exercisers Given a Workout

    Consumer Reports just tested three exercise devices advertised on TV, and says the only thing that might get stretched is your wallet.

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