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30 Clever Hacks to Make Your Stuff Last Longer

clever idea Hints from Heloise have morphed into what we call hacks today. Did you know that a stalk of celery can keep bread fresher longer? How about storing ice cream containers upside down to prevent freezer burn? Here are more clever hacks.

Zinc and the Common Cold: Do's and Don'ts

Cold-Eeze With peak cold season upon us, the question becomes what products work (besides chicken soup) to limit the duration of colds. According to, zinc really does help treat the common cold. But according to their tests, only two zinc products they examined had enough of it to do the job.


Where to Find Freebies

ree Looking for freebies? Don't Google "free stuff!" Instead, here are some organizations, bloggers, and services that specialize in finding or offering everything from merchandise to a place to stay for free.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Hey Costco, Where's the Fine Print?

mouse print Yes, MrConsumer has officially lost his mind. He usually chides companies for having fine print that is confusing or deceptive. Now, he says, one company hasn't provided enough of it. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Sony 48" HDTV - $399.99

Sony itself is selling a reconditioned 48-inch Sony HDTV, model KDL48W600B.B for only $399.99 with free shipping. The length of the warranty is not stated (or really hidden). However, Sony generally only provides a 90-day warranty on reconditioned goods.

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Consumer Reports

Make Your Toilet Touchless with $50 Adapter

The latest wave, so to speak, in toilets is made for the germaphobe. Just wave your hand, and down, down, down, the water goes. Consumer Reports doesn't care much for the touchless toilets it has tested, but it likes a $50 adapter from Kohler.

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