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Tax Prep Software Reviewed

TurboTax It's that dreaded time of year again -- tax time. For those of you who use tax preparation software, here are reviews of the major online brands from PC Magazine. (Click column headings for detailed reviews.)

Price Challenge: Amazon Prime vs. Costco

Amazon vs. Costco Last fall, Business Insider did a spotcheck of prices at Costco and Amazon Prime to see which one was cheaper. On a total of around $3000, one of them beat the other by almost $500. See who won. [Hat tip to Clark Howard.]


Grocery Industry Simplifies Freshness Dating

freshness dating "Sell by," "Use by," "Expiration date:," etc. are just some of the dozen or so types of freshness dating you see on food packages. Now the food industry and Walmart have come out with voluntary guidelines that limit freshness labels to say either "Best if Used by" or "Use by."

These Shoes are Made for Walking Shopping

The Internet of things (IoT) promises to bring connectivity to everyday objects that suddenly will become smart objects wirelessly. For example, your running shoes may tell you when it time for a new pair, offer suggestions, and provide instant ordering.

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Mouse Print* -- Uncommon Way to Save on Rental Cars

mouse print Car rental rates are skyrocketing in certain parts of the country, like Florida. That means you have to use a few of these tricks to slash your bill. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Norton Security Deluxe A/R - MON - WED ONLY

Get Norton Security Deluxe (all-in-one anti-virus, malware protection, etc.) for FIVE devices free after $60 rebate Presidents' Day (plus 2 days) only. Free shipping for box version, or download the program.

Amazon Drops Free Shipping Threshold Back to $35

To compete with Walmart's new free 2-day shipping on orders of $35 or more, Amazon has reduced its regular free shipping threshold to $35 (from $49).

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The Type of Dishwasher Filter You Have Matters

One question that many shoppers probably fail to ask when buying a dishwasher is whether it has a manual or automatic filter. Here's the difference.

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