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Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

income taxes Every year, the IRS publishes its list of scams that seek to rob the taxpayer of his or her money. Here is the 2015 list, with telephone scams the number one problem. A troubling trend is fake tax prepayers who inflate the refund you are owed, pocketing the difference.

Now Cars are Susceptible to Hacking

Using wireless remote technology, advanced cars can be subject to data attacks that allow evildoers to take control of key functions. Using just a cellphone, a car could suddenly be made to accelerate, turn, kill the brakes, activate the horn, control the headlights, and modify the speedometer and gas gauge readings. See 60 Minutes segment demonstrating some of this at the 6:45 mark.


How to Unlock Your Cellphone

cellphone New, voluntary rules went into effect last week requiring cell carriers to unlock your cellphone under various circumstances for free. Here is a carrier by carrier guide of how to do it. Keep in mind that while unlocking a cellphone will allow you to use that phone on the other carriers' networks, there are very few phones that are compatible with all networks. Verizon and Sprint phones are not interchangeable, but AT&T and T-Mobile phones generally are.

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Mouse Print* -- Shussh, Don’t Say That in Front of the Kids Smart TV

mouse print It came to light last week in Samsung's privacy policy that their Smart TVs can transmit what you say to third parties when using their voice activation features. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Consumer Reports

Do Aluminum Body Cars Cost More to Repair?

A recent test by found that repairing a truck with an aluminum body costs twice as much and could take twice as long as fixing a conventional steel body vehicle. Consumer Reports challenged those findings saying that if consumers used specially trained repair people taught to make aluminum repairs, the job could actually cost less in some cases.

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