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Wireless Carriers Ranked on Customer Service

cell Some cell service providers have managed to provide good customer service. Shocking, I know. See which companies are on top, and which ones customers have the most disdain for. This JD Power survey of 10,000 cell customers ranks both postpaid and prepaid carriers, but separately.

AARP Insurance Plans Questioned

AARP certainly has a good guy image advocating for senior citizens in Congress. But when it comes to selling insurance and other products, some question whether they are watching out more for your pocketbook, or theirs.


Best Value Colleges

grads Princeton Review has just come out with their list of "best value colleges" [list of 150 schools]. Here are the top 10, public and private. Our friend, consumer writer Brad Tuttle, explains how colleges use "list price" tuition to make financial aid offers seem all the more attractive.

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Mouse Print* -- Dumb Coupon Fine Print

mouse print Both MrConsumer and his trusty mouse hate misleading subject lines in email. Don't tell us you are giving away free chickens, Boston Market, if you are not. And don't forget to read the fine print yourself that you stick onto offers. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Bargain of the Week

    Take a $5 Online Driving Course, Save up to 10% on Car Insurance

    During February only, AARP is offering its online driving course for 75% off -- only $5 -- for both members and non-members. In about half the states, taking a course like this can save you 5- or 10-percent a year on your auto insurance. Check with your insurance agent before signing up.

    50-Gigs of Cloud Storage Free

    Most cloud-file-storage sites only offer you a few free gigs of file space. Now is offering 50-gigs free! Use their service to backup your files in cyberspace, or share files with others. No Dell account is apparently needed to sign up.

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    Consumers Rank Best Car Brands

    A new survey by Consumer Reports details the public's perceptions of which car brands are best (and worst), and which companies are known for quality, safety, and value.

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