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Welcome Boston Globe Readers!

Ocean Spray For more examples of products that have been downsized, complete with before and after pictures, please visit Consumer World's sister site, [The Boston Globe story about downsizing is here.]

J.C. Penney Caught Putting Even Higher Fake Regular Prices on Goods

JC Penney Just in time to make Valentine's Day sales seem to be greater than they really are, J.C. Penney has begun inflating the regular prices of goods even more than usual, according to the N.Y. Post. Some employees report having to work all night jacking up regular prices so that advertised discounts seem even deeper.

Don't Automatically Reject Collision Damage Waiver Coverage on Car Rentals

car wreck We've all been trained to reject collision damage waiver coverage when we rent a car because most credit cards offer protection for damage in case of an accident. Now, however, rental companies are billing customers who have accidents for fees like "loss of use" and "diminished value" which some credit card issuers refuse to pay. Here is a chart comparing the policies of major credit card issuers.


15 Common Tax Filing Errors that Could Cost You Dearly

taxes Every year, millions of us make dumb mistakes when filling out our income tax forms. Some are sins of commission and some are sins of omission. Here are 15 errors that could cost you a pretty penny. [You need to click the top link on the redirect page.]

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- The 24-Hour Airfare Reservation Cancellation Rule Revisited

mouse print Last week we chided JetBlue for not being as liberal in its refund terms compared to some airlines. This week, it is American Airlines' turn. They make JetBlue look generous! That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Dozen Roses - Low as $12.99!

Most places charge the highest prices of the year for roses around Valentine's Day. There are a few unconventional places to check to avoid this annual winter snowjob. Here are some unexpected places to check: Aldi ($12.99), Walmart ($15.88), Target ($17.99), Walgreens ($19.99), Whole Foods (yes, Whole Foods... $25 for TWO DOZEN roses) and your local supermarket. Don't expect to find long stems, however, at these prices.

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Consumer Reports

Getting a Good Deal on a Washer and Dryer

The price of major appliances has skyrocketed in recent years. But Consumer Reports says there are some deals to be had on washers and dryers if you know how to do it (including shopping at the Whirlpool online outlet store).

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