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See the Super Bowl Ads Again

Many people watch the Super Bowl more for the ads than for the game itself. In case you missed some of the commercials, or just want to see them again, here is where you can do it: site 1, site 2, site 3, and site 4.

Best/Worst Things to Buy in February

shopping bags With Washington's Birthday ("Presidents' Day") and leftovers from Valentine's Day coming in February, it is a good month for bargains. Here are some things to keep an eye out for. Unfortunately, unlike years gone by, it is no longer the single best day to buy electronics and cars, and to get 88˘ cherry pies.


15 Things Real Estate Brokers Won't Tell You

For Sale As many begin thinking about putting their house on the market this spring, be sure you do your homework before picking a real estate agent. Here are some dirty little secrets of the real estate business.

Does Kohl's Mark Up Prices Just to Mark Them Down?

We missed this story last year, but it is timely in light of J.C. Penney going back to advertising (or implying) illusory discounts. In this investigative piece, CBS Sacramento peels back price labels at Kohl's and discovers huge price hikes from the original price, just in time, they speculate, to offer the item "on sale." To be fair, cotton prices did skyrocket in 2011 and 2012, so there is some legitimate basis for the price increases.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- J.C. Penney Intros "Elsewhere" Price Comparisons

mouse print Here we go again. Just one year after J.C. Penney came clean about advertising phony sales, they are getting back into the illusory savings business, comparing to "elsewhere" prices... even on goods that are not sold elsewhere! That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Canon SX-150 Camera -- $69.99 after Gift Card

    This is a crazy, crazy low price of $69.99 net. Normally $200, this Canon 12x digital zoom, 14 megapixel camera is on sale at Target for $99.99, but there is a $30 gift card sent to you also. Takes TWO (not one) AA-batteries, and we suggest you buy rechargeables. This is not a small compact camera. Use Target credit or debit card to save another 5% and get free shipping. Also in-store.

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    The Best Chocolates (at Outrageous Prices)

    Consumer Reports' sister, Shop Smart magazine, just came out with its top picks for boxed chocolates. I'm sorry, but it is anti-consumer to recommend candy that costs $49 to $100 a pound!

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