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Don't Fall for a TurboTax Email Scam

TurboTax Over the weekend, some of you may have received this email supposedly from TurboTax to verify that your account is secure. We all remember that last year, TurboTax's online filing system was repeatedly used to steal taxpayers' refunds before they even filed. So, it may seem reasonable to get an email from TT like this one... but it's a scam. Do not click any links. If you get such an email, hover your mouse over the "click here" link to see where you would actually be taken. In this case, had you clicked, you would have been directed to a Russian website, presumably made to look like TurboTax.

"Natural" on the Label Often Misleading

natural Many people are attracted to products labeled "natural" or "all natural" but those designations are often misleading. Consumer Reports shows some products like this that contain artificial preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, and more. Now the FDA is finally considering making rules governing use of the these terms... and you can comment.


Got Furniture? Get Money from this Class Action Settlement

sofa If you bought upholstered furniture, mattresses, or carpet underlayment made with polyurethane foam between 1999 and August 2015, you're in luck (if you live in one of 30 states). A class action case has been settled that alleged that big foam manufacturers conspired to raise prices. You can file a claim for monetary compensation (and proof of purchase is generally not required.) Deadline for claims is the end of February.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- What are Sprint and Nielsen Hiding?

mouse print Last week, Sprint announced that it beat Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in download speeds in tests conducted by Nielsen (the TV ratings people). But, neither will disclose what those speeds were. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

3 Free Hallmark Cards + $2 Back

This week at CVS, Hallmark is having quite a giveaway. Buy three individual Hallmark cards (get the 99 cents ones), and print and use this $3 off three coupon from CVS. [ can remove a coupon without notice.] So, they will be free. And by using your CVS card, you will get $2 back in Extrabucks for use on other things. Limit one offer.

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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Gives Cautious OK to Timeshares, Part 1

As a friend says, "I've lived too long." Who would ever expect to hear good words about timeshares, the long sneered at long-term vacation purchase alternative?

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