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Undelivered Packages? Get $$ Back!

boxes UPS and to a lesser extent Federal Express have admitted to delays in delivering thousands of packages in time for Christmas. If the seller promised "guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas," contact customer service at the site to seek compensation or a refund of shipping charges. If you shipped goods that did not arrive within the time frame promised by UPS or FEDEX, make a claim under their on time service guarantees. Here is the UPS guarantee, and the one for Federal Express. [Note: Next week, Mouse Print* will examine the fine print of shipping companies' "on time" guarantees, and point out the clauses that let them weasel out of any liability.]

Target Customers Getting Lousy Advice

Target The theft of 40 million debit and credit card numbers from Target triggered a flood of advice from government consumer advocates and reporters, much of which was just plain useless. "Put a freeze on your credit report," "sign up for a credit monitoring service," "cancel all your cards," etc. were some of the suggestions. Hogwash. Here's why.


Fast Food Not as Pictured

Did you ever watch a fast food commercial and notice how stuffed and piled high with meat and fixings the sandwich is? Consumer Reports readers have, and complained that the real thing looks nothing like the commercials. See the big differences between the promise and the reality.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- McCormick Black Pepper -- An Important Source of Antioxidants?

mouse print [The next new Mouse Print* story will be published on January 6th.] Every food manufacturer it seems wants to tout the health benefits of its products. But now McCormick spices is telling consumers that its (plain old) black pepper can give you a nutritional boost! What? That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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AMEX: Pay with 15-40% Fewer Points

If you download the American Express app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, you can apply your accumulated Membership Rewards points to items on your bill. The deal is good through January 31, depending on the type of American Express card you have (not all included). You can get a 15% - 40% reduction in the number of points needed to pay off individual items on your bill. This is basically a way to turn your accumulated points into cash at a better than usual exchange rate.

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10 Best Year-End New Car Deals

Consumer Reports checked the prices and promotions and has come up with its list of the best new car bargains as the year ends. These deals expire on January 2nd or 6th.

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