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Consumer World Exclusive

2014 Retailer Return Policy Survey

return policy Consumer World's annual survey of retailers' return policies reveals that some stores are easing up on their returns rules, and many websites are now paying the postage on returns.

Ditch These 9 Bad Shopping Habits

Shopping Do you buy groceries when you just ran out? Gotcha! The odds are against you that your item is on sale right now, so you really should buy ahead. Here are eight more tips on how to break bad shopping habits.


Year-End Tax-Saving Moves

tax savings You have a few days left to adjust your finances to lower the impact of the taxes you will owe next April. Here is advice from Fidelity and from Schwab.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again -- Part 2

mouse print As our trusty mouse takes a siesta until January 5, he left behind a few more examples of products that were downsized in 2014. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Thumb Drive Deals - 16-gig ($4.99), 32-gig ($8.99)

At Staples stores this week, through December 27, you can get a great deal on Emtec thumbdrives as described in the headline. Check online at for any applicable coupons that might be introduced for possible additional savings. Alternatively, Sears has a PNY 16-gig flash drive for $9.99, but you get back $5 in Sears points. Offer may expire anytime.

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Consumer Reports

Car Scratch Removers Tested

Do you have fine lines/scratches on your car? Do those products that claim to get rid of scratches really work? Consumer Reports put them to the test... and only one could hide more than minor scratches.

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