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Some Return Policies Get Tougher

returns Consumer World's annual return policy survey results are available now! Since last year, three major retailers have curtailed their open-end return policies establishing shorter return windows for some or all items.

Guide to Holiday Tipping

coin 'Tis the time of year when many of your service providers are expecting a holiday tip. Who should you tip, and how much? Etiquette queen Emily Post offers these tips on tipping.

Check Up on that Charity Before Giving

charity Before donating to a charity, check them out to see how much of your money goes to the actual cause (versus to administrative expenses). Here are other tips to help make your donations go further.


Last Minute Tax Tips

IRS As we approach the end of the year, there are still some things you can do to cut your 2016 tax bite. Here are suggestions from Fiduciary Trust. And use this list of 50 write-offs to help jog your memory of things you might still be able to take advantage of.

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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again (2016 - Part 3)

mouse print We end the year with another round of products that have trimmed down, but not in a good way. This time, it's cream cheese, hot dogs, toothpaste, and chocolate. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

11 Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples

We all know you can get a free spritz of perfume walking around the perfume counters at major department stores. But there are plenty of other ways not to pay a penny to try perfumes from various companies.

Get $5 off a $15 FedEx Ground Shipment

Print this coupon to save $5 on your next FedEx Ground shipment. Good through January.

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If You Need an Expensive Snowblower...

Consumer Reports says that a really expensive snow blower -- $2400 -- did sensationally on its tests, clearing a 30-inch wide path. Here is more about this blower and some of their other picks.

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