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2013 Return Policy Survey

shopping bags Consumer World's just-completed annual survey of retailers' return policies reveals that three major retail chains -- Best Buy, Sears, and Toys "R" Us -- have shortened the return window for some or all goods. But, generous holiday grace periods for these stores and others allow extra time to return goods into January. Here is the 2013 Consumer World return policy survey.

Give, But Give Wisely

charity Most of us give to charities this time of year, but we should do it wisely by both picking a legitimate charity and following IRS donation rules. Look for a charity that spends the vast majority of its money on the cause rather than on administrative expenses and commissions to phone solicitors. You can check out a charity at these organizations:,, and . And here are some suggestions on how to maximize your deduction while following IRS rules. Making your donation from an IRA has benefits, but they expire on December 31.


How to Save on Gift Cards

gift card Possibly the single most popular gift is a gift card. The problem for bargain hunters, however, is that most gift cards are full price. Here are some ways to save on gift cards. And here are some specific deals on mostly restaurant gift cards that are currently offering bonus bucks with the purchase of their card.

Emily Post's Guide to Tipping

coin 'Tis the time of year when everyone seems to have their hand out expecting a holiday tip. But, how much should you give and to whom? Etiquette expert Emily Post offers this guide on how much is appropriate to tip various service people.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- When Shipping Costs More than the Product

mouse print The deal certainly caught MrConsumer's eye. Get an iPhone charging dock for only $5. But then, hidden in the fine print was the deal breaker. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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40% off a New Angie's List Membership

Consumer World Exclusive! Get a new membership to Angie's List for 40% off the regular price when you use promotion code CONSUMERWORLD on the sign up page. Angie's List is the consumer resource to read reviews of service providers in your area to help you pick the best roofer, plumber, painter, doctor or dozens of other categories. Since only paid members can write reviews of service people they have used, there is a better chance that reviews posted are legitimate. Once you join, you will be able to purchase gift memberships for others at even lower prices!

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Consumer Reports

Holiday Gift Guide

Consumer Reports had gathered together a number of its reports to provide gift suggestions for small appliances, electronics, food and other gift categories.

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