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2014 Retailer Return Policy Survey

Shopping Consumer World's annual survey of retailers' return policies reveals that some stores are easing up on their returns rules, and many websites are now paying the postage on returns.

Give, But Give Wisely

charity Most of us give to charities this time of year, but we should do it wisely by both picking a legitimate charity and following IRS donation rules. Look for a charity that spends the vast majority of its money on the cause rather than on administrative expenses and commissions to phone solicitors. You can check out a charity at these organizations:,, and . Here are 9 tax-smart rules for charitable giving and the IRS rules.


Emily Post's Guide to Tipping

coin 'Tis the time of year when everyone seems to have their hand out expecting a holiday tip. But, how much should you give and to whom? Etiquette expert Emily Post offers this guide on how much is appropriate to tip various service people.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Click vs. Brick Follow-up

mouse print As we pointed out last week, prices can vary at the same store whether you happen to be online or in their physical store. This week we demonstrate that the web price that was $180 lower than the store price, now is $130 higher than the brick-and-mortar store price. Go figure. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Shipping Day -- Thursday, Dec. 18

Almost 1,000 online stores are promising free shipping with no minimum purchase one day only -- Thursday, December 18. Here's who's participating.

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Consumer Reports

Snow and Ice Melters 101

Consumer Reports distinguishes the various types of snow/ice melters. It describes which are best at lower temperatures, and which ones harm pets and concrete the least.

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