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Some Return Policies Get Tougher

returns Consumer World's annual return policy survey results are available now!

Too Many Noisy Web Ads? Sound Off!

pulling hair Please help Consumer World by taking this short survey about websites that automatically play commercials with full throttle sound as soon as you enter their site.

Amazon Tests Revolutionary Grocery Store

cart Continuing to expand its retail dominance, Amazon announced last week it has begun testing various innovative grocery stores. In one format, you check in via cellphone, fill you bag, and walk out -- no lines, no checkout. They are not disclosing what specific technology they are using (like RFID). Here is a video of the test store.


Kohl's, JCP, Sears, and Macy's Sued in CA Over Phony Sales

sale The Los Angeles City Attorney did a good deed for all shoppers nationwide last week. He sued four major retailers for advertising deep discounts off of fictitious regular prices that the stores rarely if ever actually charged. We say go get'm!

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Mouse Print* -- BBB's National Advertising Division Sides With Mouse Print* and Rules Against Lowe's

mouse print Chalk it up as a victory for our little mouse. He formally complained about the misleading Lowe's 20% off appliance sale we told you about in August. Now the industry's advertising self regulatory body says they agree with us, and called on the company to discontinue that type of advertising. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Which Tire Brands are Best?

Consumer Reports just issued a report card on tire brands. Topping the list is Michelin but Firestone is near the bottom. See how all the brands ranked.

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