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Cable Subscribers to be Hit with New Fee as Boxes May be Required for All TVs

HDTV If you have an HDTV in your kitchen, office or bedroom, and only watch local channels, you have been able to connect the cable wire directly to the TV and not have pay a monthly rental fee for a converter box. That is about to change because of a little-noticed FCC order going into effect December 10. In short, cable companies that are all digital may at their option begin to encrypt even basic local channels, thus requiring you to rent a cable box, raising your monthly costs.

Restaurants Still Passing Off Cheaper Fish as More Expensive Varieties

fish A year after the Boston Globe tested fish at major restaurants and found many had secretly substituted cheaper fish for the pricier species listed on the menu, they went back and tested again. They visited the restaurants that cheated before, and found that 75% of them were still up to their same fishy practices. There is no reason to believe that this problem is limited to the Boston area.


10 Simple Things You Can Do to Protect Your Privacy

privacy If you are a little careless about protecting your privacy, these simple tips will provide a measure of security for you. While some are common sense tips, others demonstrate a little bit of paranoia.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Apple iPad Version Changes Confuse Buyers

mouse print If you are shopping for an iPad for a holiday gift, you better be careful which generation you are handed for $499 -- version 3 or version 4. Apple stopped referring to iPads by generation number after "iPad 2". Now they just call it "iPad". We try to clear up the confusion. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Verizon FiOS Triple Play - $79.99/mo for Two Years +$300 Card Rebate

Verizon is offering one its most generous offers ever on a triple play (cable TV, Internet, telephone), just $79.99 a MONTH for two years. And they will give you a $300 debit card! New customers only.

Macy's $10 off a $25 Purchase - Tuesday and Wednesday Only Until 1pm

Print this coupon to get $10 off a $25 purchase at Macy's. Only good Dec. 11 and 12 until 1pm each day. Valid on sale items, but not "specials" and other excluded categories like electrics. Offer will likely be repeated next week, and possibly the day after Christmas.

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